Thursday, December 25, 2008


the ikan kering island..

holiday for this sem.. holiday for 2 days..sekejap je..xdapat mandy laut

but can capture image..
pulau yang cantek and kawasan perkampungan
nnt nk pegi lagi
p/s: if nak pegi vacation kene plan betol2

Thursday, December 18, 2008


my result was excellent and thak god..
terkejot tgk resut

for next sem i have try more harder and work hard for it..


p/s: gud luck aina

Monday, December 15, 2008


  • membuat dia marah
  • menggigit dia
  • menyayangi dia
  • mengacau dia
  • mencuri hati si dia
  • paling chenta dia
  • berkasih sayang dengan dia
  • jatuh chenta dengan dia
  • memeluk dia…..
  • mendengar dia bercerita even x paham bahase dia
  • melihat dia tito
  • memberi big clown smile kepada dia
  • bergelak ketawa dengan dia
  • suka dia cubit muke kita
  • memujuk dia bila menangis
  • suka mengusap kepala botak dia
  • bermaen dengan kuku comey dia
  • suka melihat dia memakai baju yg comel
  • suka beli baju ade button kat bawah utk dia
  • paling suka bangun pagi..tengok dia tido lagi..
  • berkongsi bantal dan selimut dengan dia
  • dia sungguh romantik
  • segala-galanya berkongsi dengan dia
  • paling sayang dia
  • paling banyak di dunia tengok dia
  • melihat mata dia yg sungguh cantik macam bear….
  • sangat sayang dia…
  • rindu bau buchuk die...
  • rindu nak mandi kan dia
  • rindu memeluk dia
  • kak aina sayang adik johan...
  • miss my johan
yang tengah2 tu johan ku sayang

p/s:sayangilah adik

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

chello hello..
m damn so bored today.. i woke up at 11 o'clock.. and it is not my time to wake up but my auntie n atok keep on yellin at me to wake up ' nk jd la ngan budak ni!! arghh..
then i bangun..teros g mandy..after that ak terpakse g tmn tenage to send all my mama stuff.. because she is movin to tmn tenaga back..yeay.. after one year she finally pinda back to our home sweet home.. yup...i do love that home..and miss my home.. i've grown up there since i'm kid.. of course i love that place because nothing better than home..hurm..

p/s: jgn malas2

Monday, December 8, 2008

2nd time

chello hello...

today m so bored.. nothing to do...cant sleep i dont know why? tomorow i have to tidy my house coz we're moving back...yup WE.. mama sara iman and me.. we will staying at tmn tenage back..

do miss that house... me and my sib had been grown up at there thats my home.. a lots of memory had been kept with that house. and pnah aku tingalkn ruma tu for 3 years.. m soryy and i regret it... bkn rumah saje ak tgalkan, m also leaving my mom.. m sorry mama.. didnt mean to hurt u.. m leaving her becouse of my father.. yup they had seperate since 1998.. they oficially divorced in 1999 i guess..and its all because of a woman that my papa crazy about it. since that family ak dicop kn sbgai broken tak semestinya broken family tak happy?? mama said that we (me and my sib) are strong enough growing up without papa.. and pena sekali kami tak contact with our father for 1 years. papa is missing in action ...after that he searching us and keep on calling us...

so kami yg ank2 yg merindui papa pon terikot2 utk jumpe papa da ader family baru...

he started his own new wife and new kids.. my mother is a strong person.. she can afford us without a appreciate it mama...

i love mama so much..

p/s: syurga di bawah tapak kaki ibu

Sunday, November 30, 2008

well hello..
i'm aina.. this is my first time in blogging.. still cant adapt with this blogging stuff yet..
nothing much to say but only a few words about me. uhh well, m still studying in uitm melaka in photography courses.. got lots of freind and also enemys.. i can be a very2 gud buddy and i can be very2 bad enemy.. so be nice to me?? =] (poyo jer)
dont judge me by my face
get to know then baru bole kutuking me...
thats all folks,...

p/s: i dont smoke