Wednesday, January 28, 2009

my dear johan..

yesterday i went to my father house
its about a month i didnt visit my father and his family..
i was so excited because i able to see my favaourite boys
danieal,johan and ali..
miss them so much

this entry i dedicate to saliha anak cik talib

dear sali..
heppy belated birthday..and i'm sorry for the late wish..
semuge panjang umor..
murah rezeki....
kawen cepat ..
dapat bf yg hensem and baek hati..
what is past is past
the future is more important..
be strong to live in this world..
never give up...
always remember Allah SWT
luv ya...
this album is my present for u...
da xder duit nak beli hadiah..
enjoy it

p/s: stop annoying me..and i really mean it

Monday, January 26, 2009


yellow hello
what will be if our relation end up like this??
it will be nightmare if my relation end up like this two birds..
i'm hoping that me and him will stick together till the end..
not like this birds..
sitting far away from their couple
this moment i've capture at the zoo negara..
p/s: always holding hand with ur partner like the old days when u are in love

Saturday, January 24, 2009


wello twello..

today is my exhausted day.. I've spend my time at the zoo negara to finished up my animal advertising for commercial and illustration II subject.. fuhh... the weather was so damn hot and i cant barely open wide my eyes..sepet mate aku...=p.. tapi hari ini aku enjoy pergi zoo.. aku pilih hari ini (26 january 2009) because mak ita yang suruh kalau x aku nak pegi ari rabu ni with saliha tapi tak pe!! aku akan pegi 2 kali... abes duit aku...even today is chinese new year, people was like ants in the sugar pot...giler ramai... pening paleotak aku..melayu ade, india ade, cine pon ade tapi yang plg ketara adalah burma,indonesia dan sekutu-sekutu yang cari kerja kat malaysia..hah?? and tak lupe juge warge bangla pon ader hehhehehehehe....kuncu-kuncu yang mengikot journey aku ke zoo negara adalah :

aiman- my cousin yang gile nakal.. worst of the worst

ali-also my cousin not too worst than the brother.


my auntie(mak ita)- mastermind yang nak pegi arini

my atok- still can stand straight if ade mood untuk berjalan


my aunti siti


the bibik of aiman and ali - yg gile camera

lots of tragedy happen today and many people i've met .. the animal were so skinny.... and i have no mood to shoot.. i was hoping that the animal was healthy but it turn me down.. sad. i dont know how malaysian zoo worker take care of the animal.. hurm...

p/s: take care of our nature and animals

Friday, January 23, 2009

dramatic dreams (dont go baby)

twello hello..

today is my unlucky day.. he got letter from uitm that offer him for further his study at new Zealand... i also hopping that i'm gonna get that letter.. so i wait.. wait...and keep on waiting..

but there's no letter for me.. i was so sad.. sad because i wont get a chance to futher my study with him.. tapi tak pela.. maybe 2Nd intake ade kot.. tapi tak tau la if new Zealand ade 2Nd intake ke tak!

so, hari yang aku hantar die ke airport.. aku rase sedih sangat.. kawan-kawan yang lain pon dapat offer kecuali aku.. kat airport ramai kawan-kawan aku da get ready to get off from malaysia.. the last word that he say to me is 'jangan sedey..nanti b msg through email.. and wait for me..' i don get it the about 'wait for me??' then, die pon masuk kapal terbang and aku pon start nanges..wawawawawa.... sedey..

suddenly i saw him run back to me... and that time i'm totally confused and shock?
but nevermind la.. i dont care about that.. the most important thing is i able to see him again..
rupe-rupenye flight ke new Zealand delay..

ni sume nyer hanyalah mimpi aku pagi tadi..
what a dramatic dream?

this is new zealand

Friday, January 9, 2009

return of me

hahaaha..teringat scene edward cullen say hello to isabella swan in twilight..
and thanx to tasha coz she's the one who introduce the movie to me..
mule-mule tu rase cam x bes jer cuz its about vampire and i hate vampire..
but after i watch that movie i was excited because the vampire which is edward cullen was so handsome and gosh...

i'm back for a while to post something in my blog
today i accompany sali to buy her new laptop.. and finally she found the best laptop with affordable price.. and a good brand too..[toshiba] after kami da banyak kali pusing2 dalam low yat tu.. naseb baek x ramai org....
mule-mule sali p cari tempat yang bole trade in laptop lame die..
and die dapat jual laptop tu berharge rm400
ok la.. sesuai dengan keselesaan laptop itu.. jgan mara sali.. :-]