Sunday, January 17, 2010

i'm so not into it

well it is because i'm not a theory person. lots of assignment been given and there is no chance to sleeping eating and have fun. i'm now in a serious levels which is the future. lots of challenger,adventurous,problems,and i have to through it. it is hard but i MUST try. dear Allah please help me your humble servant to faces all the journey which is coming to attack me.

ohh btw,
i miss my diploma moment and miss all the memory inside melaka. well it is true that melaka bandaraya bersejarah. which is all history started from here.even my history also start at melaka.
cant wait to go to melaka. but it is not the same.

and also i miss my geng


Anonymous said...

i miss melaka too...

salihatalib said...

ckp jela u miss me the most kannnn

zen'ss said...

missin melaka so much..

rotkappchen said...

miss melaka soooooooooooooo much!! love live sumanya kat sana!!